Health Benefits of Standing at Work

Standing Work Desks Becoming Popular Says Igor Purlantov


Many years ago employees were expected to stand at their jobs because it showed that they were working hard and it was a sign of good work ethic says Igor Purlantov.  Those who did not sit were seen as being always ready to continue working. As the working world moved toward more professions where people had to be sitting down questions began to arise over the health implications.

As offices become more popular and computers make up the main portion of more jobs, people are questioning if we can really justify sitting down all of the time says Igor Purlantov.  This has lead many offices to look into using standing desks which have become more accepted in recent years as they gain popularity.  Standing up is no longer just something you do to impress your colleagues into thinking you have a large work rate, it is actually a healthier option than staying slumped in a chair all day says Igor Purlantov.

You would think that sitting down and giving your legs a rest and your back support would be the better option, but it really is not.  Sitting down regularly causes your system to slow down and decreases how well and how quick you burn off fat says Igor Purlantov. Sitting down also decreases circulation in your body, meaning you will feel colder and also less physically prepared. Sitting down also accentuates our propensity to daydream and can take away from productivity notes Igor Purlantov.

These health problems can lead to poor performance, worse well being, and lead to a lower quality of life.  Sitting down can also lead to leaning back too much which strains the lower back, or sitting forward too much which strains the shoulders and neck says Igor Purlantov.  A standing desk on the other hand can provide a much more beneficial proposition at work rather than having to sit in an uncomfortable seat while slowly damaging your body. These desks hold your monitor and your keyboard at a higher height or angle to ensure you have full access while standing says Igor Purlantov.

Although your legs may burn after standing for awhile, it is really a lot better for you as your back no longer goes through the unnecessary strains.  Also you do not put your body functions in jeopardy says Igor Purlantov. Standing up keeps you alert and ready which can help you boost productivity in the office.  It also gives you a better chance of burning calories and losing weight.  These health benefits have led many to consider replacing their chair and desk with a standing desk says Igor Purlantov. Although imay take a little getting used to at first, in the end, a standing desk will provide a much more versatile and active way of using the office without putting your health in danger.